We sell fresh stock and discount grocery stock. Frozen restaurant pack foods that we re-pack to offer you bulk discount pricing, as well as closeouts and overstocks. ALL MEAT PRODUCTS ARE FRESH DATED PRODUCT! We will not and do not sell meats products past their best by dates. We sell discount grocery and non-food merchandise. Check the condition of the item. Check the date. Smile when you pay for it. If we would not put it in our cabinet, we will not put it in yours. Discount grocery is comprised of shelf pulls, overstocks and product that is close to or past it's Best By Date. We scrutinize every product to evaluate it's viability of it's efficacy. NOTE: Manufacturers shorten Best By Dates to make you think a product is bad so that you will throw it away and go buy more. Case in point: In 1984 I started a career with a National beverage company. In 1984 we had a year on sugar drinks in the market and 6 months on diet drinks. In 1990 the President & C.E.O. of that company sent to all bottlers of their product a video that as a manager was played to me personally. In that video said " We are going to adopt the stance of the milk companies" "We are going to put the best by date on the top of the bottle for the consumer to see" "We are shortening the date code from 1 year on sugar drinks to six months, we are also shortening the date on diet drinks to 90 days from production. " It is our goal that the consumer will notice the date, throw away products beyond that date and go BUY MORE! The American WAY!!!!!! OUR STANDARDS UTILIZE THE OPTIMUN USE OF THE MANUFACTORS BBD PRACTICES.


Our website only showcases a few of our items. In our Grocery Store, you will find the typical items that you would find in most grocery stores. In our Box store, you will find Grocery in bulk, crazy variety of non-food merchandise that changes on a weekly basis. ALL AT REDUCED, DISCOUNTED PRICES! We operate on a typical discount of 65% or more of what you would find in your local discount chain store. Come check us out, you will find awesome deals.

Featured Products

Just in at The Box Store

New items just in at The Box Store!!! St. Ives Body Lotion - Coconut and Orchid 21 oz. bottle only $2.49 and Suave Body Lotion - Almond and Shea Butter 28 oz. bottle only $1.99 Come see us!!! 1901 Northwest Boulevard Newton NC We’re open until 6pm today!!

Flower Cart

Two Tier Flower Cart/Stand Only $12.50 at The Box Store!!

Gain fabric softener

Gain Soft Botanicals Fabric Softener - Orange Blossom Vanilla - 103 ozs. Only $4.99

On Sale now!!

On sale now only at The Banana Box Grocery Store!! New Chicken Beast Tenders 5 pound bag only $5.99!!! Regular price $12.99 Markdown at register While supplies last!!! No holds!!!!

Cattleman’s Ground Beef

Just in at The Banana Box Grocery Store Cattleman’s 81% Lean Ground Beef. 10 pound roll only $23.99 No holds!!!

Boston Butt Roasts

Just in at The Banana Box Grocery Store!! Boston Butt roasts - Assorted weights - Only $1.39 per pound

Dinnerware set

New at The Box Store! Better Homes and Gardens 16 piece dinnerware set Only $16.99 compare to $29.99 While supplies last

Fries 5 lb Bag $3.99 WHAT A DEAL!

Yet another GREAT Deal we are passing along. 5 lb of Fries just $3.99 While supplies last

Floor cleaner

New at The Box Store Uniquely Wood Floor Cleaner only $1.99 each

Earth’s Best Diapers

Just in!!!! New at The Box Store!! Earth’s Best Diapers Assorted sizes only $5.00 each

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Solar lights

Moon rays Solar Lights Set of 4 only $17.99 Only at The Box Store!!

All Temp Antifreeze

Here’s another new item just came in only at The Box Store! All Temp Antifreeze only $4.99 each or a case for $24.00

Harvest Cookware Electric Original Pressure Pro Cooker

As seen on TV, Original Pro Electric 3 in 1 Combo Cooker $59.99 amazing savings of $40.00 Only 8 in stock.

JUST IN - Sanitizer Wipes

Sanitizer Wipes 250 count $8.99

Deep River Potato Chips

Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips 24 a 2 oz bags per case

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Toilet tissue

Just in only at The Box Store Staff 12 Mega rolls toilet tissue only $9.99 per pack


Hobe's HAM Products at GREAT PRICES!

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Pappy's Dog Bone $1.99 each or case of 16 / $25.50 = $1.59 each

Our #1 Best Seller

BOJO spicy Chicken Fillet Our Customers love this product!!!

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Amish Soap

Mix or match 5/$1.00 Only at The Box Store

Mix & Match 5/$19.99

Assorted varieties and items. Pick 5 for $19.99 or $4.59 individually. Inventory changes regularly. These items are located on the last freezer aisle and wall coolers. YOU CAN MIX & MATCH THE FROZEN PICK 5 ITEMS WITH THE COOLER PICK 5 ITEMS! Look for the sticker.

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Pre-bagged Amish Soap

5 bars pre-bagged $2.99 at The Grocery Store and at The Box Store

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Life Jackets

Youth SIze ONLY 50 - 90 lbs $2.99 Each Pre-priced $9.94

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Walnut Creek

Assorted products and prices from salsa to cheese, chips and more.

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Tide Heavy 10X Duty

1.07 US Gal. Just $13.99

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads

52 count scented Our Price only $7.99 compare to $11.97

Available Products

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Our Story

We have been proudly serving our community for 12 years. We have expanded - we now have two stores in the same shopping plaza just 2 doors away from each other. Our grocery stores carry a wide variety of chicken, pork, beef, and other frozen closeouts and overstock. We stock salvage shelf goods from canned vegetables to protein drinks and energy bars, cereal and Little Debbie snack cakes. We have a large assortment of baking products.

In our extended store, we have paper products, pet products, baby supplies, laundry supplies, homewares, clothing, toys and so much more. We are continuously adding new products each week.

Come and see us in both our stores!!

Our Customers

Our Customers

Our customers are the most important visitors at our stores. They are not dependent on us; we are on them. They do not interrupt our work; they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor to serve them, they are doing us the favor of the opportunity to do so. We appreciate and thank all our customers.


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